Book a consult today with a qualified consultant.

Consultations are mostly via zoom at present, with face to face when it is allowed.

Tailored to your individual needs our consults will talk you through baby physiology, carrying options available and most importantly safety.

These are one to one or one to family if partner, siblings or grandparents are around.

A consultation is suitable if you:

  • Don’t know what carrier/sling/wrap you want and want to know the difference between a close caboo and an ergo?
  • Have a carrier/sling/wrap already which you want to learn how to use;
  • Have an opportunity to try a variety of slings and discuss the differences in a safe environment.
  • Want to feel confident wearing and learn more about the safety and ergonomics of babywearing;

Want to learn a new skill like:

  • feeding in slings,
  • back carrying,
  • tandem or twin carrying;
  • Woven wrapping;

Pre-consult we will usually send out a pre-consult questionnaire and discuss your needs allowing us to prepare our session from this. We will discuss your expectations and what can be achieved in the time.

A consult can happen in your home or ours or a prearranged venue.
One of our slingababy trained consultants will bring a selection of slings/carriers and demo dolls which you can practise with.

Check out acuity for available consultations:

For travel over 5 miles a mileage fee is charged at 45p per mile and additional time is charged at £8 for time over in 15mins blocks.