Review – Rowan Bay Wildwood Ash

Review – Rowan Bay Wildwood Ash
Posted on 1 April 2021

We have this beautiful ring sling to test from Rowan Bay, so I grabbed the baby, got the pre-schooler on his bike, and went off to the park to give it a go.

The sling is Wildwood Ash and is 25% linen and 75% cotton, which makes it beautifully soft but still very strong. It has a gathered shoulder which makes me very happy as I personally find I get a better fit with this than with pleated shoulders. Looking closer at the fabric you can see the nubs and slubs caused by the linen, giving it some texture and making the wrap almost atmospheric to look at. The pattern is Wildwood, one of Rowan Bays signature looks and it just makes me want to go for long walks in the woods with it on.

With the baby in it was so soft and cushy, and easy to adjust when I needed to feed her as well. Wandering about for a bit I had her in and out as she played on the swings and chute, but the sling was simple to re-tighten around her when she wanted back up for a cuddle. As we got ready to leave the pre-schooler fell and scraped his face (in a week where he had also taken the skin off his finger! Does anyone else have such a clumsy kid?) so he wanted carried home. As daddy was there he took the baby in arms and I got the big lad up into the sling, and was pleased to feel it was just as comfy and secure as with the baby. It obviously needed adjusted to fit him, and spreading the shoulder a bit more to take the additional weight, but we walked home quite happily with him still wearing his helmet because “I’m batman today mummy!”.

All in all I love this sling, and will be sad to send it on to the next tester. I highly recommend heading over to Rowan Bay if you like the look of this.

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