Luluna Slings – Tester Review

Luluna Slings – Tester Review
Posted on 3 June 2021

Last week I was lucky enough to have this Luluna wrap to test. It’s called Kracken Moonlight, is 20% mulberry silk, 20% kbt wool, and 60% combed cotton, and it’s approximately 260 gsm.


First off can we talk about how cool this looks? I love a patterned sling, and I love high contrast colours, so the black and white tentacles tick all those boxes! I was sent a size 7 which meant there was plenty of length to the sling, allowing me to try multiple layer carries. With some slings it can be harder to get the second and third passes to tighten, as the weave or fibre creates so much friction, but that’s not the case here. The addition of the mulberry silk means that it glides over the other layers, but the wool and cotton ensure that it holds once it’s in place. It is quite thin in hand, which again means multi layer carries are nice to do and you don’t feel too bulky.

The wrap is soft enough to be used with a newborn, but strong enough to hold a preschooler comfortably. It was super comfortable to wrap with and didn’t dig into my shoulders. My daughter fell asleep in it every time I put her in, so apparently it’s infused with sleepy dust also!

I loved having this to play with and was gutted it wasn’t here to stay. Definitely one to look out for!       

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